OPEN HOUSE DAY, 09.02.2020


The AUCA MAT builds upon the innovative MAT model of Bard College, New York, and seamlessly integrates four components: foundational education theories, disciplinary content knowledge, mentored practicum in pedagogy, and academic and action research

AUCA MAT is a 2-year, six-semester program – summer, fall, spring — where the summer semester classes are held on campus, and the fall and spring semesters embody a blended learning approach. Thus, for the fall and spring semesters, the program combines on-line lectures and consultations with face-to-face, on-campus coursework over one full week at the AUCA campus. In other words, during the fall and spring semesters, candidates primarily spend their time in schools – either teaching in their current classrooms

The blended approach also enables colleagues from the Bard Global Network to engage as contributing faculty to the AUCA MAT program. The AUCA MAT program has already enlisted contributing faculty members from Bard New York and Al-Quds Bard.

Detailed information can also be found here.


OPEN HOUSE DAY, 09.02.2020

Four reasons to come here on February 9!

  1. See the most unusual, creative and modern building in Bishkek

If you haven’t been at AUCA campus yet, this is the time to fix it. The building has an unusual architecture which is very functional, compact and convenient

  1. Ask the AUCA administration, faculty and students personally any question.

Students will organize a campus tour for you. You will be able to learn everything about admission exams, faculties (departments), students’ educational and extracurricular life, and the financial assistance that AUCA provides to many applicants from the university students while exploring.

  1. Discover AUCA for yourself: student exchange, internship and study abroad opportunities.

If you want to see the world, discover new opportunities for yourself, get new knowledge and truly international education, then you should come to us!

  1. Learn how to become socially responsible Kyrgyz citizen and benefit own country.

Students spend a lot of time at AUCA not only studying, but AUCA is also an excellent place to discover talents and socially useful skills.


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